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RTO Skills & Consulting territory license for sale



  • $12,000
  • Franchise , Education/Training

RTO  Skills & Consulting Licenced Territory for sale – Educational Support Overview of services we offer. *****CONSULTANT/BUSINESS OWNERS WANTED******.

2 licenses in NSW  

2 licenses in QLD 

1 license in VIC 

1 license in TAS 

1 license in SA 


$12,000.00 plus GST.

I am offering you your own Business Consultancy Branch in the Capital city you reside in by Territory subject to Investment start up. Similar to Franchise Business but we don’t charge you Royalties on your Turn Over /money or commissions for what you earn.

For your Investment We will provide you with full start up support first 3 Months plus 2 Year licenced agreements with 2 Year renewable options, and Industry updates and Ongoing support. Full training sessions and a Certificate IV or Diploma level Business Qualification program and support.

We provide website / marketing and Industry Contacts plus send you quoting jobs and templates and give you your fist job.

You get access to 25 Years of experience and currency with the Vocational Education and Training sectors (VET).

You get access to the complete process to set up RTOs Registered Training Organsiations or keep them compliant for clients and do their Compliance and response to whatever they need from Policies and Procedures and systems or Data bases as products and services to sell your clients.  For our Clients and yours to come we do the following as a guide.

  • RTO Consulting
  • RTO Advisory Consultants
  • Risk Assessors & Auditors
  • National Trainers and Assessors Facilitators
  • Are you thinking about becoming a registered training organisation (RTO)?
  • Are you thinking of setting up or purchasing an existing RTO?
  • Are you coming up for audit or renewal of registration?
  • Have you looked at the requirements and the work involved in making this happen?
  • Are you aware of, or current with the changes and effects under VET legislation – 2016-17 Changes?

See the standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2015 http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2014L01377

Whatever your needs we have the solutions.

RTO Induction Sessions

Our course includes two hours of consultation, training staff PD, a letter of PD for all who attend and a USB of helpful advice and VET Quality Framework documents.

The sessions will be conducted at your location(s) in Melbourne or other locations subject to costings. We will deliver the latest information on ASQA requirements for NVR RTO and to Standards 2015, providing samples of key documents such as Training Assessment Strategies.

Induction sessions include a PowerPoint presentation on the new obligations for your chief executive officer, teams and sub-contracted trainers.

We provide compliance services for the following:

  • Course Design / Resource Requirements
  • Quality Management Systems (Aligned to the Standards 2015)
  • Human Resource Manuals
  • Business Policies & Procedures (Fair Work Act Compliant)
  • NVR, Standards 2015, VET Gap Analysis
  • Competency Mapping
  • Training & Skills Gap Analysis
  • Mentoring / Coaching
  • Positions / Role Descriptions for Key RTO Positions
  • Quality: Continuous Improvement – (Includes ISO 9000, 9001 ASNZS 4801 OHS & ISO 31000 RM)
  • RTO Compliance Audit Preparation
  • RTO Initial Applications Preparation
  • RTO Extension of Scope advice/applications
  • Tender Documents and Support
  • Training & Assessment Systems: Development
  • Training & Assessment Systems: Evaluation
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Validation of Assessment Services
  • FVRA Applications and Business Plans
  • CRICOS Applications
  • Fee Help & Funding Applications
  • NDIS Applications for Disability and carers services.

Your Investment to US and in your own future.  $20.000.00 plus GST.

For the Money you get   A company Pty Ltd/ A website/ A Domain/ Templates and Quality Documents and support to operate as an RTO Consultant in your own right. The Logo and Branding. /Training and Admin support to get you started.  A Qualification subject to meeting requirements in Business. You own your own Business and Clients/ Income and we work together on our larger projects subject to skill sets. Please see the services we offer our clients. www.rtoskills.com.au

RTO Audits

We conduct internal audits against the standards for RTOs and new applicants and registered RTOs for compliance and quality.

Audits for initial registration

Becoming registered as a registered training organisation RTO is a complex process. As a deliverer of nationally recognised training, each RTO must meet a range of mandatory requirements to ensure that it can deliver training and assessment to the high standards expected by students, and by Australian industry and employers.

Your initial registration application will undergo a rigorous assessment process to ensure your organisation is able to comply with (and remain compliant with) the required standards. On average, applications for initial registration take between seven and nine months to assess – if you are fully prepared to become an RTO and if you have submitted a complete application to ASQA.

Before submitting an application for initial registration, you must:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the requirements of registration
  • Ensure your organisation is eligible for registration with ASQA, and
  • Be prepared to demonstrate the financial viability of your organisation


ASQA Video PDF Factsheet Free standards


Our service includes an internal audit to review your current practices against standards using the ASQA Audit tool found on the ASQA website. (We recommend that you hire an experienced consultant who will have an external perspective of your RTO.

General Policies and Procedures Manual

Student Handbook/Trainers Handbook

  • Conduct a second internal audit against the new standards following an update of the policies and procedures
  • Develop a mapping document of the current standards against the new draft standards to be used for updating your policies and procedures and conducting your second internal audit
  • Map your current policy and procedure manuals against the new standards using the mapping document
  • Update and rewrite your current policies and procedures to the new standards
  • Undertake a full review of whether your policies and procedures are relevant to what you actually do; are they still current and relevant to how you actually conduct your RTO?

Review your TAS’s

(Training and Assessment Strategies)

  • Undertake a review of all your Training and Assessment Strategies. Identify whether they are still current and relevant to how you deliver and assess, if not, update to reflect how you currently operate
  • Undertake industry consultation through focus groups, surveys and meetings with key personnel who are responsible for recruiting the students you have trained
  • Update TAS’s to include the industry consultation you have undertaken. Include in the TAS how training has been adjusted to meet industry and target market needs

Include Volume of Learning into your TAS, which should include face to face sessions, self-paced learning, work placement, distance learning, etc., Ensure that you allow sufficient time for students to develop their skills.

Validate your Assessment Tools

  • Develop an assessment validation schedule that includes all the units for each qualification to be validated over a one-year period.
  • Before you conduct assessment validation, ensure that you have a staff member or contractor available who meets the following requirements:
    • Has vocational competencies and current industry skills relevant to the assessment being validated
    • Has current knowledge and skills in vocational teaching and learning; and
    • Holds the training and assessment qualification or the assessment skill set
  • Validate your assessment tools against the AQF and training package requirements
  • Involve relevant employers and industry representatives to participate in validation
  • Implement new standards
  • Attend workshops and undertake professional development in the new Standards, including the ASQA workshops


  • Review all your marketing materials, ensuring that information on all courses is readily available to assist the client to make an informed decision
  • Ensure your website meets the AQF and NRT logo requirements and only includes qualifications currently listed on the Scope of Registration
  • All course flyers meets the AQF and NRT logo requirements and only includes qualifications currently listed on the Scope of Registration
  • Course flyers includes all fee information, so as the client can make an informed decision prior to course commencement
  • Partnerships/Sub-contracting (if applicable)
    • Review all partnering arrangements, including contracts
    • Ensure that partners understand their responsibilities to comply with the standards. If you do not already, you may want to add a policy and procedure manual just for partnerships
    • Make sure the RTO has sufficient strategies and resources in place to systematically monitor partners to ensure that they are compliant, this may include annual or six monthly audits and validation of assessment tools
    • Notify the Regulator of all partnerships or subcontracting arrangements
    • Review your mechanisms for ensuring students are informed about

Partnering/Subcontracting arrangements, so that they can make an informed choice before enrolling into a course. This includes a review of all marketing materials that the partner uses to ensure that it recognizes the RTO as the organisation that will be issuing the qualifications

If you are considering registration with ASQA, you must be prepared to meet the following requirements for registration:


Wayne@rtoskills.com.au or call Him on 61 414 335 881



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